It is estimated that 60% of the population experience such anxiety at the thought of audemars piguet replica sale dental visits that they will go to great lengths to avoid dentistry. If you are in this category, the American Dental Association has put forward some suggestions that you may find of benefit.

  1. Start by sharing your feelings with the dentist or the assistant.. Once we know you are fearful, tense or anxious the treatment can be tailored accordingly. We have many options available to minimise these fears and control any pain - but we do need to know in advance that you have special needs and we will probably need to allocate additional time for your treatment session.
  2. Set aside a stress-free time for your dental visit- a time when you won't be rushed or troubled by extraneous matters. If necessary we will schedule a Saturday morning to treat you.
  3. People who have regular dental visits infrequently require major and prolonged work.
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    Problems are detected early and treatment is minimal. On the other hand putting off visits for several years invariably leads to extensive and expensive dentistry being necessary.
  4. Get a good night's sleep the day before and eat a light breakfast on the day of your appointment. A relaxed person has a much higher pain tolerance than someone who is very tense.
  5. Try and identify your specific fear and concern and discuss this with the dental team. Often "baggage" carried from childhood is really not appropriate any longer as methods have changed so much.
  6. Should you feel any discomfort during the treatment, signal this immediately. People have different pain thresholds and what is painful to one person is not at all painful to another. This does not signify cowardice. It is purely a difference in physiology.
  7. Use visualisation during the treatment. Don't try and imagine what is going on in your mouth but rather project yourself to your favourite activity or recreation spot.
  8. Should you want to know what we are doing - please ask. We find most people don't want to know the specific details of what is happening in their mouths and we assume this is the case for everyone.
  9. After the visit is over praise yourself and take yourself out for a treat. You deserve it! Perhaps you might like to take your dentist and his team as well???
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